Silver bullion coins are legal tender coins issued by a specific country or government. They have a specific currency value on the face of the coin, such as the American Silver Eagle which has a face value of 1 dollar, and the Canadian Silver Maple with a face value of 5 dollars. The coins are guaranteed in terms of purity and quality by their particular country of issue.

Silver bullion coins can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Coins that do not change in design from one year of release to the next (other than date). Examples include the American Eagle, Canadian Maple, Mexican Libertad, and British Britannia.
  2. Coins that change design each year. Examples include the Australian Kookaburra, Chinese Panda, and Somalian Elephant.
  3. Coins released as a series over several years. An example is the current Predator series from the Royal Canadian Mint.


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