The Silver sphere Story

The Silver-Sphere Story

Silver-Sphere Trading (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg-based online silver and gold bullion supplier founded in 2013 by Dr Zoltan Erdey. Today Silver-Sphere is one of the most trusted names on the precious metals market in South Africa.

In 2012, less than a handful of companies in South Africa specialised in silver bullion, and even fewer focused on international bullion products. Silver-Sphere started by specialising in silver bullion only and quickly gained market share in a small industry.

In the middle of 2013 this small informal business became a registered company that ran from a home office. In the next two years, Silver-Sphere’s client base increased exponentially as Silver-Sphere kept prices low and ensured an unmatched level of service.

On the 20th of December 2016, Silver-Sphere’s application to trade and purchase silver bars directly from the Rand Refinery was approved and on the 22nd of May, less than six months later, our application to become one of the very few South African authorised dealers for gold Krugerrands was granted.

In 2017 Silver-Sphere moved into offices in Stonemill Office Park in Johannesburg and expanded its employee base to become a strong closely-knit and owner-led team of five.

In July 2018, Silver-Sphere was accepted as a member of the South African Association of Numismatic Dealers (SAAND). In 2019 our application to become authorised sellers for the South African Mint was granted.

Today Silver-Sphere serves clients in most categories of precious metals purchases; international silver and gold bullion from across the world, local silver and gold Krugerrands from the Rand Refinery, and collectibles from the SA Mint. Dr Erdey has also written and published numerous blogs and articles within the South African context and is widely respected in the market.


Our vision is to:

  • deliver unparalleled service and prices
  • make available an unmatched product range
  • create a fair secondary market for re-sellers to offload their bullion in times of need
  • educate and disseminate relevant information about bullion markets and products


Our clients have five primary requirements when deciding to enter the precious metals market:

  1. The opportunity to choose from a wide range of high-quality and trusted bullion products without worrying about the source and origin of the product.

Silver-Sphere offers the largest range of international products on the South African market, bought only from authorised re-sellers on behalf of numerous world mints. All our imports are accompanied by a certificate of origin. Our clients do not need to worry about fake counterfeit products.

  1. Fast delivery.

The most stressful part of an online bullion purchase is the transit time with the couriers i.e. the length of time during which the silver or gold is neither in the hands of the seller nor the buyer. Purchasing from Silver-Sphere is a speedy, stress-free, and satisfying journey. We offer same-day delivery in Gauteng (if funds clear immediately in the early morning) and overnight delivery to other parts of South Africa.

  1. Access to world bullion coin ranges.

Mints around the world are minting a wider range of bullion products to attract investors and collectors alike. While it is impossible to stock the full range of products available on the world bullion stage, Silver-Sphere imports coins for collectors that we may not stock.

  1. Re-sale of metals: a favourable buy-back policy.

Silver-Sphere has a favourable buy-back policy for clients who wish to offload a portion of their precious metals easily, safely, and for a fair price. Our investors can rest assured that they will not be forced to sell their precious metals unaided on platforms like Junkmail or GumTree.

  1. Scrapping of price tiering.

The industry standard is to separate bullion prices into tiers i.e. the more ounces purchased, the cheaper the rates. In early 2019, Silver-Sphere decided to scrap all price tiers and offer all purchases at the maximum discount rate (in the past, available only to those who purchased 500 silver ounces or more at a time). This has closed the price gap and ensured that anyone who buys bullion from Silver-Sphere has the opportunity to buy at the lowest price possible without having to ‘break the bank’ to get a discounted rate.