Although silver bullion products derive their value almost exclusively from the weight of its silver content, many investors and stackers avoid purchasing bullion products that are damaged. By damaged, I don’t mean merely scratches and dents, but also chemical marks and fingerprints. Therefore, to avoid losing money when selling silver back to us, it is important to consider a few points when it comes to handling and storing your bullion coins for optimum sell-back value.

Firstly, unless the silver coin, round, or bar comes in a protective capsule or sleeve, always handle it with 100% cotton gloves. Finger prints on coins, as a result of the natural oils on the skin, can become rather unsightly, often turning yellow over time. These marks are difficult to remove without damaging the silver and it will affect re-sale value, even if only minimally.

Secondly, if you decide to handle your silver, please do so above a table with a towel or cloth underneath it in case you happen to drop the coin. Coins that have dings on the rim as a result of a drop are usually lose much of its value above the spot price.

Thirdly, store your coins in a dry place. Although you may feel that the kitchen and the bathroom are excellent hiding places, it is not a good idea, especially if the silver is not housed in original tubes, capsules, or packaging. These areas are often full of moisture, which ultimately marks the silver over time.

If you have purchased less than 20 or 25 coins and you did not received an original mint tube, your coins were sold in coin flips. These flips may look flimsy, but they are made of non PVC plastic and they are ideal for long-term storage outside of tubes. In other words, the coin flips are non-plasticised and contain no chemicals that will discolour the silver.

Lastly, please do not attempt to clean your coins with any chemical cleaners. This is especially relevant when considering tarnish. If there is oxygen, silver tarnishes; full stop. Should you find that some of your silver coins or bars have begun to show tarnish marks, please do not attempt to clean it. Tarnish does not affect the re-sale value of your silver. Some investors actually prefer to see tarnish on bars as they indicate authenticity.