PRICE: R1,900.00 Each (Incl. VAT)


Mass: 31.107 grams

Diameter: 38.725 mm

Metal Content: Silver Ag 999

Limited Edition: 1 000

This proof coin set has an innovative design. When two halves of each coin are placed side-by-side, the two halfs form the image of the full face of the elephant. bears the design of two halves of the face of an Elephant. What makes this set even more apealing and valuable is another genius innovation; the ingenious double capsule which houses the coins close enough to each other to form a full elephant face, and wide enough apart that the coins remain pristine and do not touch. This set is truly a piece of art.

The coins are packaged in a box made of walnut bark with a glossy piano finish bearing a digital print of the majestic creature on top.