1.5 oz (46.65g) Super Leaf Silver Coin (2015* – 1st Year of Issue)


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The Royal Canadian Mint designed a new variant of Maple Leaf, the Multi-Maple Leaf. This coin is unique because instead of weighing 1 ounce as usual, the Multi-Maple Leaf weighs 1.5 ounces of fine silver and its 4.5 mm makes it a bit thicker than the classic 3.2mm Maple Leaf. However, it has the same diameter as the normal Maple.

As far as we can tell, this is one of the most artistically-stunning coins ever produced by the Mint.

This Maple combines a number of design features previously introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint on other world-class bullion coins produced in years past. Most striking of these is the radial line finish first used on the 2014 standard Silver Maple Leaf. Precise radial lines that emanate from the center of the coin’s obverse create a light-diffracting pattern that also serves as a unique state-of-the-art security feature. This radial line effect also carries over to the reverse of the coin and is used in the outer ring of the coin’s ‘tails-side’ design. The coin has a face value of eight (8) Canadian dollars.

If you are looking for something unique, but without the higher premiums, consider adding this coin to your collection.

*Please note that these coins are BU. However, Maples are notorious for developing milk spots and slight discoloring. These coins were sealed in their original monster boxes as per the manufacturing year in 2015 so they are BU coins. But they will have milk spot discoloring.


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