500 oz South African Silver Krugerrand 1 oz BU Monster Box


Face Value : 1 Rand

Purity : 99.9 %

Dimensions :

Dimensions : 38.725 mm

After 50 years of unparalleled place in the gold bullion coin market, the gold Krugerrand has finally received a sibling, the silver Krugerrand is available as a low premium bullion coins. Year 51, and we finally have a bullion silver Krugerrand that is not a high premium collectible.

Silver Krugerrands are now available to purchase as single coins, tubes of 25 1 oz coins or monster boxes of 20 tubes of 25 coins.

Silver Krugerrand monster box orders need to be placed by 10:30am as orders close at 11am with the Rand Refinery.

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