NEW COIN IN SERIES: 2 oz Tudor Beasts (Coin 4 of 10) – Seymour Unicorn 2024


Any quantity: R1,600.00 each (Includes Special Capsule)


If you have collected the Queen’s Beast Series, you will not want to miss this one! In fact, if you have missed the Queen’s Beast Series, then you will definitely not want to miss this one.

The Tudor Dynasty was established after the War of the Roses, a battle fought between the House of York and Lancaster. Henry VIII took the throne after the death of Henry VII and continued his father’s traditional display of rule and power by lining the Hampton Court Palace with ten stone figures of beasts and mythical creatures, which is the origin of this series. The collection consists is therefore as follows:

  1. The Lion of England (Released 2022 – coin 1)
  2. The Seymour Panther
  3. The Bull of Clarence (released 2023 – coin 2)
  4. the Tudor Dragon
  5. the Greyhound of Richmond
  6. the Royal Dragon
  7. the Yale of Beaufort (Released in 2023 – coin 3)
  8. The Seymour Unicorn 2024 – coin 4
  9. the Queen’s Panther
  10. the Queen’s Lion

Given various constraints, we are only able to import a low number of these rounds, so make sure you order yours soon because these will not go unsold for long. This round includes a capsule.

I am expecting these to arrive in the first or second week of December. So patience once payment has been made is essential for this specific product.


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