ON PROMOTION: 10 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar SOLD OUT

//ON PROMOTION: 10 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar SOLD OUT

ON PROMOTION: 10 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar SOLD OUT


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Each bar is covered in a non-PVC plastic covering


How preferred is this bar with investors, and who buys these bars?

Silver bullion bars in various sizes are typically attractive to investors who wish to purchase silver products with the lowest possible premium over the actual cost to mine, refine, and produce them. Since investors are sensitive prices, this bars is a favourite precisely because, ounce for ounce, it is one of the lowest price bullion available on the South African market. While 1 kg poured bars are slightly lower in price (ounce for ounce), these bars are minted, rather than poured. The difference between the two is simply quality. Minted bars look prettier, shinier, and contain less abrasions.

We have made a strategic decision years ago to stock only products that have a reputation internationally. In other words, we do not purchase bars from unrecognised refiners and then market the product to our clients. This would be market making. We prefer to respond to the needs of bullion investors.

The Sunshine Mint is a trusted refinery, so their products are likewise trusted. In fact, the Sunshine Mint has supplied the US Mint with silver blanks for the manufacturing of the American Silver Eagle.

Any benefits to owning this specific bar?

The main benefit to owning a 10 oz silver bar is diversification in terms of both size and product. In fact, you could say that a 10 oz bar falls perfectly between 1 oz bullion, and 1 kg bullion; a happy medium for investors. Many investors tend to focus on 1 oz coins (which I thin is wise). But it is equally wise to diversify out of legal tender coins and silver bullion that is larger. For this reason, owning a few 10 oz bars makes a physical precious metals portfolio more balanced and diversified.

Another advantage relates to its security feature. This unique silver bar  contains a micro engraved MintMark security feature visible only with a decoder lens. This anti counterfeit feature is an excellent indication of authenticity. So this bar offer value and security in a single product.

Some basic technical facts about this bar

Face Value : N/A

Purity : 99.9 %

Thickness: 6,7 mm

Packaging: Each bar is sealed in clear non-PVC plastic, so it protects against fingerprints and in most cases, tarnish.