10 oz Great Britain Silver Valiant 2019 (IN CAPSULE) Sold Out

Price: R3,750.00 each (Incl. VAT) IN CAPSULE

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Face Value : 10 Pounds

Purity : 99.99 %

Dimensions : 6 mm X 89 mm

The 2019 10 oz silver Valiant, like its 2018 counterpart, is a coin inspired by the tale of St. George and the dragon. A classic tale of valour and tenacity and honour, famous legend has been attributed to Saint George. The most recognised version of the myth is based on the ‘Golden Legend’. According to the story, St. George and his knights, Maurice, Theodore and Demetrius arrive in the town of Silene in Libya to find that a princess and her subjects are terrorised by of a venomous dragon. St. George then slays the beast, and the coins depicts this scene in the myth.

This is the second release.