1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand


Any Quantity at Bulk Discount: R750.00 each (Incl. VAT)

Free shipping and insurance on purchases of 20 or more coins
Full tubes contain 25 coins
Copy of ID and proof of residence are required with all silver and gold Krugerrand purchases.


How popular is this coin?

This coin is one of the three top-selling coins on the South African market, together with the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple. In fact, it took less than three years since its release to become our top-selling coins. If you are an investor in bullion, then this product should take center stage in your physical metals portfolio.

How easy is it to sell this coin if I want to offload some of my silver?

If you purchase this coin, selling it back to us will be hassle-free, even if you are a large investor and wish to sell monster boxes (a box of 500 coins) at a time. We believe the same is the case if you wish to sell it privately through a trusted online platform. Why? Because these coins are extremely popular especially with South African investors. If demand is high, then the demand from dealers likewise increases, making these a sought after bullion coin for both investors and dealers.

Who usually buys this coin?

The silver Krugerrand is an attractive alternative to investors who wish to keep the cost per ounce low. However, it is also popular for investors who wish to balance out their portfolio. That is, investors who, over the years traditionally bought only international bullion coins (like the Maples, Eagles, Britannias, and so on), and now wish to balance out that position with silver Krugerrands.

For many people, Gold Krugerrands are out of reach. The Silver Krugerrand gives everyone the opportunity to invest in a product with a reputation that is unparalleled across the globe.

Any other benefits to owning this specific coin?

A key perk to owning this silver bullion coin is its name and origin. It remains the only low premium bullion silver coin on the South African market. Given that the name “Krugerrand’ is an internationally recognised brand, owning a reasonable number of ounces is like owning a piece of history in a brand that everyone trusts. Moreover, if trading in silver ever comes to pass, psychologically, South Africans will recognise a silver Krugerrand as money. This means trust of utility.

Some basic technical facts about the coins

Face Value: 1 Rand

Purity: 99.9 %

Dimensions: 38.725 mm

Packaging: Silver Krugerrands are available to purchase individual coins (sold in soft coin flips), tubes of 25 or Monster Boxes of 500 coins (20 tubes of 25 coins each). Please note that all coins sold are BU and Random Year. If you require latest year coins, please check if we have those available.

Add an H39 Direct Fit Air-Tite capsule and this is a uniquely South African gift for special occasions.

Contact us today for your quote. Got questions? Read our blog post about Silver Krugerrands here

Silver-Sphere Trading is a Rand Refinery authorised reseller. Therefore, you can shop with confidence.



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