1 oz Morgan Le Fay – Myths and Legends Series 2024 (Coin 6; in Capsule)


Any Quantity at Bulk Discount Price: R790.00 each (Incl. VAT)

Capsule Included


The 2024 Morgan Le Fay 1oz silver coins are part of The Royal Mint’s Myths and Legends series, celebrating the legendary figures of British mythology. Morgan Le Fay is featured in an intricate design by renowned artist David Lawrence, depicting her wearing a winged headpiece and poised to use magic against her enemies.

Morgan Le Fay is a central figure in Arthurian legend, she is often depicted as King Arthur’s half-sister and is known for her formidable enchantress abilities. Her character embodies a complex blend of magical prowess and intrigue, often aiding Arthur’s cause with her mystical abilities while also opposing his reign by sowing discord through manipulative schemes. Morgan le Fay’s mystique and duality make her a captivating presence in the stories of King Arthur; exploring themes of magic, rivalry, and the blurred lines between good and evil.


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