1 oz Krugerrand Gold

1 oz Krugerrand Gold

Price Valid Until the end of 16 Sep 2021 – (Subject to availability – prices may change according to indicators)

Selling Price: R27,400.00 each

Buying Price:  R26,150.00 each

Delivery R99.00 flat fee / Collections Free

No cash payments or cash deposits or third party payments are accepted on any Krugerrand purchases (only EFT) Krugerrand sales require a KYC policy by the seller and we reserve the right to request any FIC required supporting documents and information. 



Purity : .9167 / 22 carat

Dimensions : 32.8 mm X 2.84 mm

The Krugerrand needs very little introduction. For instance, first minted in 1967, it counted for about 90% of the total global coin market by 1980. While numerous world mints have introduced various gold bullion coins onto the market in the past couple of decades, the South African Krugerrand remains on top of the ‘gold food chain’. Therefore, a gold bullion investor who does not own Krugerrands is hard to find indeed.

These gold coins are legal tender and unlike other types of assets and commodities, Krugerrands are extremely liquid. Please note that since we are Krugerrand traders, we do not always have 2020 freshly minted coins available, and often our stock is a mixture of various years. Some are circulated, some are brand new. In other words, if you want to reserve 2021 coins, please make contact with us to inquire if we have available in stock.

Prices will go live at 9:00 am (daily). The second price will be set at 12:00 a.m. (daily).

Procedures and Steps for ordering 5 or more Krugerrands


Please see a step-by-step procedure outline in the table below. Please note that this applies to purchases of 5 Krugerrands or more only.

Purchaser Step 1 Request a quote for Krugerrands (5 or more) by 9:30 a.m. at the latest.
Silver-sphere Step 1 Send a provisional quote for the Krugerrands requested based on the live gold spot price and the exchange rate.
Purchaser Step 2 Make payment and send proof of payment to sales@silver-sphere.co.za. Payment confirmation must be sent before 10:00 a.m. to reserve the coins. If proof of payment is not received by 10:00 a.m., the quote falls away and it is no longer valid. The coins will be passed on to other waiting clients. NO THIRD PARTY PAYMENTS ACCEPTED.
Silver-sphere Step 2 Place an order with the Rand Refinery at 11:00 a.m.
Silver-sphere Step 3

Once the price fix is published at 12:00, the final invoice is sent which reflects the final Krugerrand price as per the afternoon price fix (i.e. the change in the spot price and exchange rate between the time of the a.m. order and the final fix at 12:00).

Purchaser Step 3 If the price increased, make the necessary top-up payment, and send proof of payment. If the price decreased, Silver-sphere will refund the appropriate amount. New clients are required to submit a copy ID and proof of residence (FIC requirement).
Silver-sphere Step 4 Send out the Krugerrands via hand-to-hand couriers, fully insured upon collection from the Rand Refinery after 48 hours. We provide a tracking number to track the parcel online.