1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

//1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf


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Full tubes contain 25 coins


²Face Value : 5 Dollars

Purity : 99.99 %

Dimensions : 38 mm X 3.29 mm

Condition: RY BU

The Canada Silver Maple changed to a new design in 2014, which includes radial lines (a unique light diffracting pattern) and a small maple privy mark. This makes the coins extremely difficult to duplicate without the necessary multi-million dollar technology, and therefore, these features provide a good measure of security and trust. This remains one of our top selling products. Available in monster boxes of 500 coins on request.

Pictures are generic images. Please note that the dates may vary between 2014 and 2019. However, all coins sold are Brilliant Uncirculated, and are received on our end in a sealed Monster box. (Also see American Silver Eagle 1 oz Silver Coins)