1 oz Canadian Silver Maple SOLD OUT

//1 oz Canadian Silver Maple SOLD OUT

1 oz Canadian Silver Maple SOLD OUT

Price (Pre-Order)

Due to unprecedented demand, we are pre-selling this item: SOLD OUT

Arrival time is 3 weeks after the date it ships from Canada (27 Aug ) without COVID related delays
Full tubes contain 25 coins


How popular is this coin?

This coin is one of the three top selling coins on the South African market, together with the American Silver Eagle and the South African Krugerrand. If you are an investor in bullion, then you cannot go wrong adding this coin to your physical metals portfolio.

How easy is it to sell this coin is I want to offload some of my silver?

If you purchase this coin, selling it back to us will be hassle-free, even if you are a large investor and wish to sell monster boxes (a box of 500 coins) at a time. We believe the same is the case if you wish to sell it privately though a trusted online platform. Why? Because these coins are extremely popular with investors, so demand is usually high but supply can be tight. In addition, the Maple is a regognised and trusted brand with global investors.

Who usually buys this coin?

This coin is popular with investors who typically want to purchase silver in large quantities, at the lowest price possible per troy ounce. These investors see this coin as one of the three most important products in a physical silver portfolio. So you would be purchasing a product that is a favourite with seasoned investors around the world.

Any other benefits to owning this specific coin?

A key benefit to owners is that the Maple has 2 security features, which make this coin extremely difficult to counterfeit. The first includes radial lines (a unique light diffracting pattern). The second is and a small maple leaf privy mark with the manufactring date visible in the middle of the leaf with a magnifying glass.

This makes the coins extremely difficult to duplicate without the necessary multi-million dollar technology, and therefore, these features provide a good measure of security and trust.

Some basic technical facts about the coins

Face Value : 5 Dollars

Purity : 99.99 %

Dimensions : 38 mm X 3.29 mm

Condition: BU

Mint Packaging: Each tube contains 25 coins. Each monster box contains 20 tubes of 25 coins (500 coins in total).

Pictures are generic images. Please note that the dates may vary between 2014 and 2019. However, all coins sold are Brilliant Uncirculated, and are received on our end in a sealed Monster box. (Also see American Silver Eagle 1 oz Silver Coins)

SM coins will contain some tarnish, and milk spots, but have not been dropped and there is no physical damage on the coins from misshandling.