1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo


Any Quantity at Bulk Discount Price: R775,00 each (Incl. VAT)

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Full tubes contain 25 coins 


Face Value: 1 Dollar

Year: Random Year

Purity: 99.99 %

Dimensions : 40.6 mm X 2.98 mm

It seems that finally, the Australian Royal Mint has made the decision to produce a 1 oz silver bullion coin to compete against other trusted popular bullion coins currently available to physical silver investors. They have certainly not disappointed.

Similar to the Canadian Silver Maple, this coin features a unique and new security feature, namely, a micro-engraved letter ‘A’ inside the ‘A’ in ‘Australian’. This letter invisible only under magnification, and it is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Spotting a forgery is, therefore, easier than ever, as backyard counterfeiters simply do not possess the likely expensive technology required to insert this security feature.

Please note that we sell random year coins and we cannot guarantee the latest minted year coins. If you specifically want a 2022 coin, you need to ask for those specifically and we will let you know if we can assist.


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