1 oz American Silver Eagle SOLD OUT

//1 oz American Silver Eagle SOLD OUT

1 oz American Silver Eagle SOLD OUT


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Face Value: 1 Dollar

Purity: 99.9 %

Dimensions: 40.6 mm X 2.98 mm

Condition: RY (Random Year)


The American Silver Eagle has proven itself to be one of our top-selling silver bullion products over the past five years. This ties in perfectly with its international reputation of top-selling bullion coin across the globe. The design of this particular coin goes back to 1986 and is based on the 1916 “Walking Liberty” half dollar, designed by Adolf A. Weinman. In our experience, this coin has done particularly well on the South African market in terms of the ease of buying and then offloading when the time is right. This is due to its worldwide popularity. Each troy ounce has a purity of 99.9% silver.


These are random year Eagles. They are in excellent condition, but as with all older coins, they may have some toning or milk spots, which are unavoidable. However, these do not devalue the coins.