1 oz American Silver Eagle (Arriving 29 Jan)

//1 oz American Silver Eagle (Arriving 29 Jan)

1 oz American Silver Eagle (Arriving 29 Jan)


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Full tubes contain 20 coins


How popular is this coin?

There are three coins that win the popularity contest for silver bullion coins. These are the Silver Krugerrand, Canadian Maple, and American Eagle. Of the three, internationally speaking, the Eagle is the most popular bullion coin in the world, leading sales virtually every year since it was launched. Some years, the US Mint has manufactured over 40 million silver Eagles. So, how popular is this coin? Very!

How easy is it to sell this coin if I want to offload some of my silver?

The more trusted and recognised a bullion coin, the higher the demand, and therefore, the simpler it is to offload. Given that the demand for these coin is consistently high, selling them back onto the market is hassle-free. The reason for this simple; because all bullion investors know the product, sellers do not need to convince buyers about the reputation of the coin. In this sense, this coin sells itself.

Who usually buys this coin?

The simple answer is, almost everyone. It is rare to find a silver bullion investor who does not have an allocation to American Silver Eagles in their portfolio.

Any other benefits to owning this specific coin?

Owning the most traded bullion coin in the world makes the benefit fairly obvious; you will never get stuck trying to sell this coin having to convince potential buyers of the quality and high regard investors have for the coin.

Some basic technical facts about the coins

Face Value : 1 Dollar

Purity : 99.9 %

Dimensions : 40.6 mm X 2.98 mm

Design: The design of this particular coin goes back to 1986 and is based on the 1916 “Walking Liberty” half dollar, designed by Adolf A. Weinman. It does not change from year to year and thus, the date does not make much difference to the pricing.

The American Eagles sold by Silver-Sphere Trading may vary in year. We cannot always guarantee stock of the current date.

American Silver Eagles are sold either individually, in tubes of 20 or in Monster Boxes of 500. H40 capsules are available on request for these coins. (Also see Canadian Silver Maple 1 oz  coins)